Stan Harstine, Ph.D.


Dr. Stan Harstine is currently Professor of Religion at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas. He holds a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Baylor University where he studied with Drs. R. Alan Culpepper, Mikeal Parsons, and Charles H. Talbert in New Testament and Dr. William Bellinger in Old Testament.


A mathematics major at Kansas State University, Stan incorporates the logical and analytical components of that training into his study of the biblical text, particularly the Gospel of John. Stan regularly teaches courses on Romans, the Fourth Gospel, and the Book of the Twelve, in addition to New Testament Greek in alternate years.


In association with the Apprentice Institute and the emphasis at Friends University on Christian Spiritual Formation for the Religion program, Stan develops and teaches courses on the Bible and Christian Spiritual Formation to support the goals of that program for both undergraduate and graduate students. He is particularly interested in examining the manner by which followers of Jesus interpret and apply Scripture in their faith adventure.


Originally from Kansas, Stan has also lived in Salzburg, Austria and in the Waco, Texas area. Stan enjoys grilling, inventing new barbecue recipes, and as an INTP tries to be technologically savvy.

Updated July 18, 2020