10 Minutes with the Gospel of John Devotional Podcast
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10 Minutes with the Gospel of John

Inviting you to Disconnect from Distractions

Looking for a devotional on the Gospel of John?

You have come to the right place!

After actively studying, teaching and writing on the Gospel of John for over 20 years I am still amazed by the numerous insights I encounter when I take time to re-examine this biblical writing. I have discovered that focusing on a single word or theme as it weaves its way through the gospel account proves to be both encouraging and enlightening.

10 Minutes with the Gospel of John (10MGJ) provides you an opportunity to invest 10 Minutes of your day to focus on one key theme from the Bible. You can contemplate an idea or two that address a situation you may experience in your own life. These 10 Minutes provide you some practical thoughts on each theme from the Gospel of John. During the Concluding Thought segment at the end of each devocast, I reinforce a central idea for your consideration. If you choose to listen to the audio recording provided, you may wish to pause at various points in the podcast in order to consider what you have heard.

Each written devotional contains an optional section where you can Take 5 Minutes More to reflect on what you have heard or read. Each exercise asks you to take the step of writing down your thoughts and, often, sharing those thoughts with another person to reinforce your own learning.

I invite you to disconnect from distractions for 10 Minutes, to set aside those common things in life that easily distract you: email, phone messages, and any multi-tasking. Invest these next few minutes in the spiritual dimension of your life.

Thank you for sharing 10 Minutes with me.


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Updated February 29, 2024